Haverfordwest History

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Persevering Welsh Women

Persevering Welshwomen The following article about a group of Welsh Women, who took it into their own hands to repair a road, when the council ignored there requests, was posted in a newspaper in Australia.   “The women of haverfordwest – worthy descendants of those brave Pembrokeshire, women who used their red cloaks with such

Haverfordwest – A Brief 12th and 13th Century Timeline

  Haverfordwest has a history that goes back for many centuries. Following is a timeline of events of the 12th and 13th centuries. 1108 Flemish settlers arrived in the area of Haverfordwest 1110 Circa The original timber castle was built at Haverfordwest. 1173 Henry II visited Haverfordwest on his return from Ireland 1210 Circa An