Haverfordwest History

Haverfordwest – A Brief 12th and 13th Century Timeline


Haverfordwest has a history that goes back for many centuries. Following is a timeline of events of the 12th and 13th centuries.

1108 Flemish settlers arrived in the area of Haverfordwest
1110 Circa The original timber castle was built at Haverfordwest.
1173 Henry II visited Haverfordwest on his return from Ireland
1210 Circa An Augustinian Priory was established at Haverfordwest
1213 King John granted Haverfordwest castle to William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke
1220 Llywelyn the Great attacked and burned the town but failed to capture the castle
1246 Circa A Dominican Friary (black friars) was established at Haverfordwest
1248 Haverfordwest Castle came into the possession of Humphrey de Bohun II
1257 Haverfordwest Castle was successfully defended against Llwelyn, Prince of Gwynedd.
1265 During the Barons war, the castle was captured by William de Valance, the Earl of Pembroke
1274 Edward I granted the castle to Humphrey de Bohun III
1284 Edward I and Queen Eleanor visited Haverfordwest during a pilgrimage to St. Davids.
1289 Queen Eleanor acquired the castle from Humphrey de Bohun III


Haverfordwest Castle


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Image taken from page 515 of ‘The Book of South Wales, the Wye, and the Coast. [With illustrations. Reprinted from the “Art Journal.”]’
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