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AtoZChallenge – A: Attempted Murder at Haverfordwest

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#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter A

From: South Wales Daily Post, Wednesday, 05 September 1894

Attempted Murder at Haverfordwest

On Saturday last, Fred Hannam, who has been working as a baker in Haverfordwest for the last sixteen months, who was supposed to be a single man, received a surprise visit from a woman, who described herself as his wife. She went to his place of employment first, with three children, and had an interview with Hannam, afterwards repairing to his lodging, where she saw the landlady, and expressed a threat to put the children in Hannam’s care. She went upstairs and while there, Hannam arrived.

He followed her upstairs, and after a conversation, returned to the bottom, where his landlady spoke to him on the matter. He declared that the woman was not his wife, but she, overhearing the remark, said she was, and came downstairs, going into the bedroom with her baby, where she began to undress it. He followed, and it is alleged, drawing a revolver from his pocket, pointed it at her.

The woman screamed, but despite this, Hannam fired the weapon. The bullet whizzed past the woman’s ear, and broke a picture behind, thence falling onto a bookshelf. The terrified landlady had by this time gone into the room, and Hannam, it is stated, again pointed his weapon, as if with the intention of firing again. His supposed wife closed the door on the landlady for protection, and it appears that they made their way to the road, allowing the man to leave unmolested.

This he did as quickly as possible, and, after remaining in the town all night, left by the train on Sunday morning. The police were informed on Monday morning, but as yet, had not been able to effect an arrest.

from: Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle, Saturday 15 September, 1894

At Haverfordwest, Frederick John Hannam , a day or two ago, was charged with shooting at his wife, Emily Elizabeth with intent to murder her. The accused got employment at Haverfordwest, 18 months ago as a single man, leaving a wife and three children at Twyford. His wife paid him a surprise visit, and placed two of the children in bed, at his lodgings.
The prisoner entered the room while she was engaged with the children, and left after kissing the eldest child. A few minutes afterwards while his wife was undressing the youngest child, the accused is alleged to have fired at her with a loaded revolver. The shot passed over her head. He left the town, but was arrested at Cardiff. His defence was that he fired the revolver, merely to frighten his wife. He was committed for trial at the Assizes.

* Please notePunctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading.

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  2. I know Jill mentioned a one place study on my blog during this challenge. Now I’m wondering what’s involved and how and where and why you register.

    I thought of the Mayor of Casterbridge while reading about the poor wife.

  3. I love how she’s an alleged wife in the first article but by the second her status is confirmed. I think she was probably well rid of him, if he’d pull a gun on her like that. Yikes.

  4. Thanks Jill. I hope you find something useful for your site. I would look forward to your One Place Study.

  5. What a thrilling start to the challenge.

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  6. I would love to know for sure Anne, but so far haven’t come across any information that is definitely him. There was a Frederick Hannam who died in 1909 but so far I haven’t been able to confirm that it’s him.

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