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AtoZ Challenge: Y – Young Ladies College at Haverfordwest

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is for bloggers who wish to participate, by publishing a blog post every day in April except for Sundays. Each blog post will focus on a letter of the alphabet. For example April 1 will be A, April 2 will be B, April 3 will be C,  and on it goes. By the end of April, a blog post for every letter of the alphabet will have been published.   Blog posts are usually on a theme, or you can choose to post each day with no theme at all. My theme for 2024 is “Haverfordwest in the News”. Haverfordwest is a town in the county of Pembrokeshire Wales.

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter Y

from: Pembrokeshire Herald, Friday 27 January, 1871, page 3.

(Successors to the late Miss Davies
I beg to call the attention of parents and guardians to the above establishment for young Ladies, which has been largely patronised by the public for more than half a century. The Misses Philpott’s have resided bare resided many years abroad, both in France and Germany, and have obtained Diplomas from foreign examiners.
Prospectuses to be had on Application. Studies to be resumed, Friday, January 27,1871.

from: Aberystwyth Observer, Saturday 25 May 1878, page 1

The attention of Parents and Guardians is earnestly directed, to the above College for YOUNG LADIES, which has been established for more than sixty years, and is still conducted in a thoroughly efficient manner. Modern improvements are adopted and appreciated by the Principals, who have resided for many years, on the Continent, and are accomplished linguists. Good principles are carefully instilled into the minds of the pupils, who receive a really cultivated education, capable of fitting them for any sphere of life.
Hill House College is situated in a most healthy neighbourhood, seven miles from the sea, and it accommodates fifty boarders.; it has extensive grounds to the back. The climate being mild is well adapted for delicate girls. An annual Concert is held for the encouragement of music.
Referencee on application to Principal.

from: Aberystwyth Observer, Saturday 18 March 1882, page 1. 

Principal, Mrs Angus, M.C.P. (wife of the Rev. Henry Angus), assisted by efficient governesses, and a French Master. Mrs. Angus has had a lengthened experience in tuition, and possesses the highest testimonials as to character and ability as a teacher.
The situation is exceedingly healthy, the house is large and the recreation grounds in every way convenient.
The college is in union with the College of Preceptors, London, and passed 12 pupils at the examinations in 1881.
References: Revds. Dr. McLaren, Manchester; J. Pearson, Vicar of Fleetwood; C. Williams, Orrington; J. Owen, A.J. Parry, Swansea; W. Edwards, B.A. The College, Pontypool; Dr. Davies, J.H. Lochore, W. Davies, Esq, M.P., Haverfordwest etc.

The Term commences May 15th

from: Seren Cymru, Friday 14 October 1892, page 13

 HILL HOUSE COLLEGE, HAVERFORDWEST. On Wednesday afternoon, Sept 28th, the 15 certificates gained by the pupils of Hill House College,  at the Midsummer Scripture  examination of the Associated Schools were presented to them by the Rev Dr Davies. The proceedings were enlivened by some pianoforte pieces and vocal solos, and after a few appropriate remarks by Dr Davies, in which he congratuled the pupils on their success, and encouraged them to renewed efforts in the future, the meeting was brought to a close.

File:Hill House, Hermon's Hill, Haverfordwest - geograph.org.uk - 616400.jpg

Hill House, Haverfordwest

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  1. I agree. I did want to keep this very short as it’s difficult for those without any interest in the subject to read anything to long. There will be more coming about this College.

  2. Compared to the news items in the Montgomery Times in the early 1900s, this article is very brief. The Times named all the graduates and all the pieces they read or played. And gave a description of how the graduation exhibet was set up that year, how many came to the graduation and more.

  3. It is a lovely building. It was built by an architect who was very well known for the those boxy fronts.

  4. I’m intrigued about your One Place Study Jill. Looking forward to reading about it when it appears. I did make a discovery about my 2x great grandmother that I would never have found if not for the OPS. More to come on that on the Jones blog.

  5. Your posts have given me some ideas for my new one-place study. I have really enjoyed you tales of Haverfordwest. Thanks for taking me there.

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