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AtoZ Challenge – U: Uzmaston

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is for bloggers who wish to participate, by publishing a blog post every day in April except for Sundays. Each blog post will focus on a letter of the alphabet. For example April 1 will be A, April 2 will be B, April 3 will be C,  and on it goes. By the end of April, a blog post for every letter of the alphabet will have been published.   Blog posts are usually on a theme, or you can choose to post each day with no theme at all. My theme for 2024 is “Haverfordwest in the News”. Haverfordwest is a town in the country of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter U



File:Entering Uzmaston - geograph.org.uk - 219256.jpg

Entering Uzmaston: geograph.org – Jennifer Luther Thomas

Uzmaston is a small parish on the outskirts of Haverfordwest.  The St. Ishmael’s parish church, which has existed since 1230, is still standing today. The medieval style building was extensively rebuilt from 1870-1873.  The community were invited to take out subscriptions, to raise funds for the restoration. Further renovations were done in the 1990s.

from: Pembrokeshire Herald, Friday 06 January, 1871

The Parish Church of Uzmaston, being in a most dilapidated condition, and quite unfit for Divine Service, it is proposed to thoroughly restore it. Plans having been prepared by F. Webnert, esq., and approved by the Incorporated Society, The Bishop, and Patrons. The cost is found to be £800. £500 of this amount been been liberally subscribed by the Rev, J. H. A. Phillipps, of Picton Castle.

The committee earnestly solicit contributions.

Lord Bishop of the Diocese (Ist donation) – £10
Rev. J.H.A. Philipps – £500
Incorporated Society – £20
Mr. F. Webnert – £5
Mr. Bland – £10
Mr. T.R. Owen – £5
Mr. John Harvey  –  £5
Mr. R.H. Harvey –    £5
Mr. H.P. Goode – £1
Mr. Phillip White, jun – 1/-
Mr. David Evans (Brecon Old Bank) -£2  2/-
Mr. Samson (Scotchwells) -£2 2/-
Rev. Canon Thomas – £5
Mr. J.E. Evans – £2
Mrs. Emment and Miss Gwyther – £2 2/-
Mrs. John, Cartlett – £1
Mr. W. Wm. John Cartlett – £1
Rev. J. Meares – £1 1/-
Mr. James Birch, High Street – 10/-
Rev. T. Horn, St. Thomas – £1
Rev. G.T. Horn St. Thomas – £5
Rev. Canon Allen (first don) – £5
Messrs. Price and Bussell – 10/- 6d
Mr. E.E. Evans – £2 2/-
Mr. Robert Parnell – £5
T.G. Meares esq, Bath – £1
Mrs. T. Hughes, Uzmaston – £5

Mr. T.R. Owen, Honorary Secretary
Messrs. Wilkins & Co, Treasurers

The following gentlemen have already consented to act as the Building Committee:
Mr. Ackland, Mr. J.G. Bland, Mr. B. Davies, Mr. E.E. Evans, Hill Street, Mr. Garrett, Mr. H.P. Goode, Mr. J. John,  Mr W John, Rev. J. Meares, Mr T. R. Owen, Mr .J. W Philipps,
Admiral Stoke., Rev. W. B. Thomas, (Rector,) and Mr B. Jenkins, and Mr R. Beynon, Mr. Goodbook, (church wardens)

File:Uzmaston church - geograph.org.uk - 6160622.jpg


 St. Ishmael’s parish church today – Credit: geograph.org.uk: Phillip Halling 

1871, UZMASTON CHURCH RESTORATION, Pembrokeshire Herald, Friday 06 January, 1871. Retrieved on 14 October 2023, from britishnewspaperarchives.co.uk



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