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A to Z Challenge – Q: Quarter Sessions at Haverfordwest

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from: St. James Gazette, Wednesday 07 January, 1885, page 11
At the Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions, Haverfordwest, yesterday, Captain Higgon stated that a man named Thomas, living at Kilhredyn, in the parish of Llawysyfran, near Maenclochog, having hanged himself, inquest was held till after he was buried. It appears that Thomas hanged himself on a Saturday, and the coroner appointed the inquest for the following Wednesday.

The constable and jury assembled and waited the whole day for the coroner, who did not come. The next day it was ascertained that he had gone to another Kilhredyn, near Fishguard, and had spent the day hunting up a corpse needing an inquest, and had been unsuccessful in the search.

The coroner then appointed the following Monday for the inquest, but the body of the man, becoming offensive, was buried by his neighbours, in spite of the opposition of the constable. The coroner arrived on the Monday after the burial, and held an inquest without the body. The police committee were requested to investigate the matter and report to the next quarter sessions.

from:  Monday 13 July 1953, page 5
Two youths who pleaded guilty at Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions at Haverfordwest on Saturday, to breaking and entering the office of Norrard Trawlers Ltd., the Docks, Milford Haven, and stealing £47 10s, were sent to Borstal for period of training. They were Derek Lewis of Picton Camp, Hakin, aged 18, and a 16 year old youth of Milford Haven. Lewis was stated to be a native of Holyhead, where his parents live.

In August. 1952, he went to Milford Haven, to join an older brother “as there were prospects of better employment there.’ A police report stated, that at Milford Haven in February this year, he was conditionally discharged for 12 months for stealing articles from two lorries, and in April he was placed on probation for two years by Roose magistrates, for stealing jointly with another person, a quantity of lead-covered copper cable.

At West London Court this month, he was sentenced to one day imprisonment for being in possession of an offensive weapon. The police report added, June 25 last, the day following ‘that on which the present offence, was committed, both the accused travelled by train to London, and were arrested there in the early hours of June 30, being found in the street, and to be in possession of sheath knives. They had stayed at a boarding-house, but had been called upon to leave as they were. ‘by then, without the means to pay. It would appear that Lewis has, since his arrival at Milford Haven, been given complete freedom and that his brother has failed to exercise proper control and influence) over him.

**Please notePunctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading.

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