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AtoZ Challenge – O: Old Woman Murdered at Haverfordwest #atozchallenge

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#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter O

from: York Herald, Saturday, 26 October, 1850, page 6

South Wales has been the scene of another shocking murder, the circumstances connected with which are involved in much mystery, the perpetrator of the offence, having up to this time managed to successfully elude the vigilance of the police and magistracy. The deceased person was an aged woman named Elizabeth Barnard, and she was found lying in a ditch under a wall nearly opposite the Wesleyan chapel. When found she was in a very prostrate state, and her person bore marks of considerable violence. She was removed to a neighbouring tavern, where it soon became evident that she had received severe injury of the spine and other parts of her person, and notwithstanding she received the best attentions of Mr. Brown, a surgeon of the town, she continued to grow worse, and died.

Information of the occurrence being communicated to the coroner, that functionary issued his warrant for the holding of an inquest, and Mr. T. Lloyd, the superintendent of the Fishguard district police, apprehended a woman named Jane Evans on suspicion of having been concerned in the old woman’s death, but although she made use of one or two expressions while in custody, which made it highly probable that if not actually taking part in it, she was not ignorant of the mode in which the homicide was perpetrated, sufficient could not be elicited to fix any charge upon her.

A great deal of evidence was taken before the coroner’s jury, but it was of a very contradictory and unsatisfactory kind, and calculated to perplex rather than assist the jury in their efforts to discover upon whom the crime might be charged. From the results of a post mortem examination of the body made by Mr. Brown and Mr. Millard, surgeons, it was found that death had been caused by violence inflicted with some blunt instrument, but the mode in which that violence and injury were inflicted could not be discovered, and the jury were driven to the alternative of returning an open verdict, “That the deceased, Elizabeth Barnard,” died from the effects of violence, inflicted on her by some person or persons unknown.”
It now remains for the police and magistracy to endeavour to use their efforts for the discovery and apprehension of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the dreadful and cowardly murder.

**Please notePunctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading. 

1850, SHOCKING MURDER OF AN OLD WOMAN NEAR HAVERFORDWEST, York Herald, Saturday 26 October 1850 retrieved on 30 October 2023 from britishnewspapearchive.co.uk


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  1. This blog is an official One Place Study for Haverfordwest, where I will be recording my findings about the people and places of this town.. These newspaper reports are just the beginning. There is a huge amount of research happening which will be recorded here. Thanks and much appreciation for visiting and your interest.

  2. It’s a mystery Jill. Didn’t have any luck getting closure. Hoping to devote more time to it after AtoZ is over.

  3. What a cliffhanger – is it still a mystery waiting to be solved or was the perpetrator apprehended and charged?

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